Who we are

The International Women’s Club of Pristina (IWCPR) was founded in February 2004. Our purpose is: 1. to welcome expatriate women and offer help and encouragement to make living in Kosovo a rewarding experience; 2. to support cultural activities and to provide opportunities for improving appreciation of the life and culture of all countries, in particular, this area of the Balkans; 3. to foster a variety of interest groups to provide a network for women to share interests or gain new skills and knowledge. The language of communication is English, but our members speak a variety of languages.

Our core values are: Inclusion, helping members feel they belong, are respected and valued for who they are; Diversity, appreciating the unique differences of all members and their unique contributions to IWCPR’s purpose; mutual Support through our friendship and collaboration; Sharing our experiences, knowledge, skills with other members.

IWCPR is headed by an annually elected board:

President : Anna Gorska- president@iwcpr.org

Vice President : Kristina Johanna Madarang Stahl – vice.president@iwcpr.org

Secretary : Emma Goatman- secretary@iwcpr.org

Treasurer : Alena Andrica – treasurer@iwcpr.org

Webmaster : Christine Devlin – webmaster@iwcpr.org

Events Coordinator : Cristina Booksing – events.coordinator@iwcpr.org

Social Coordinator: Agnes Voss – social.coordinator@iwcpr.org

Please advise a member of the Board if you would like to volunteer to assist the Board or as an activity leader.

We organize activities such as a weekly coffee hour, craft club, French conversation, cultural events, book club, film appreciation club, knitting club, Spanish speaking club, board game club, luncheons, and hiking. We take organized trips to other parts of Kosovo about once per month. Some previous trips have been to Velika Hoca, Prizren, Stublla, Novo Brdo, Lipjan, Gracanica, and Gadjima caves.

We are a membership organization. You can fill out an application online here Registration will be completed upon payment of the annual fee of 20 Euros to a board member. Membership allows participation in all of our events and use of our website calendar, member database and notices of events and services around Kosovo. Membership is open to all expatriate spouses/partners with an international outlook, interested in our purpose.

Join us with your friends and make new friends; you’ll have a wonderful time in a relaxing atmosphere with other interesting, friendly women and men from around the world. If you would like to meet members of our group and learn about our latest activities, you may join us for coffee each Tuesday at Rings Restaurant on Mother Theresa Street at 10 o’clock. During the cooler months we meet in the ‘White Brick Room’ of the restaurant. This is the large room on the right when you enter the café. While the weather is warm, we meet on the restaurant terrace.


Tuesday coffee morning

Come and join us for a friendly chat at Rings Restaurant.

Friday Hike

Come and experience the beautiful views and nature.

Spanish lessons