About us

About Us

The International Women’s Club of Pristina was founded in February 2004. Recently we changed our name to International Club of Pristina (ICP).

Our purpose is:

  1. To welcome expatriates and offer help and encouragement to make living in Kosovo a rewarding experience
  2. To support cultural activities and to provide opportunities for improving appreciation of the life and culture of all countries, in particular, this area of the Balkans
  3. To foster a variety of interest groups to provide a network for both men and women to share interests or gain new skills and knowledge. The language of communication is English, but our members speak a variety of languages.

Our core values are: Inclusion, helping members feel they belong, are respected and valued for who they are; Diversity, appreciating the unique differences of all members and their unique contributions to ICP’s purpose; mutual Support through our friendship and collaboration; Sharing our experiences, knowledge, skills with other members.

We organize activities such as a weekly coffee, craft club, French conversation, cultural events, book club, cooking club, Spanish speaking club, monthly luncheons, dinners with (or without) partners and weekly hiking. We make organized trips to other parts of Kosovo about once per month. Some previous trips have been to Janjevo/ Janjeva, Krusha e Madhe, Velika Hoca, Prizren, Stublla, Novo Brdo, Lipjan, Gracanica, and Gadjima caves.

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