Call for Board Members 2018-2019

Why join the board?

  • Connect with and impact your international community
  • Meet others who share similar experiences
  • Round out your resume
  • Learning opportunites and a chance to broaden your perspective on many issues
  • Gain different skill sets you can develop and apply in your professional life
  • Bolster your credibility and show that you have an interest in making the world you live in a better place
  • The different professions of members bring varying degrees of knowledge to the table
  • You will build strong relationships and lasting friendships with the other board members and members of the club

Duties of the individual Board members: 


President / Spokesperson 

  • Coordinating and presiding over the Board and the activities of the Club. 
  • Presiding over Monthly General Membership Meetings. 
  • Supervising all IWCPR activities. 
  • Officially representing the IWCPR and establishing links with other community and international organizations. 
  • Submitting a written annual report that has been prepared with the co-operation of other Board members to the General Membership, prior to the end of the Club year.


Vice-President / Membership 

  • Assisting the President and replacing the President in her absence. 
  • Welcoming new members to the IWCPR. 
  • Assisting with new member registrations on the IWCPR website and Facebook page. 
  • Distribution of IWCPR business cards to new members. 
  • Coordinating a mentor/buddy program for new members. 
  • Maintaining membership database (list of member names, phone numbers, email addresses). 
  • Advising names of new members to the Board members. 
  • Providing member and guest name tags at Club functions. 
  • Assisting the Treasurer with collection of membership fees.



  • Preparing an agenda for each monthly Board meeting in advance and emailing it to Board members one week prior to each scheduled meeting. 
  • Recording the proceedings of each Board meeting and General Membership meeting as required and sending these minutes to all Board members one week following each meeting, for approval before publishing. 
  • Informing the General Membership, on an ongoing basis, of all international holidays and sensitive cultural dates. 
  • Handling all IWCPR correspondence outside of prospective new membership issues. 
  • Maintaining the Club’s general records.



  • Opening and managing the Club’s bank account and maintaining records of transactions of all funds regarding income and expenditures. 
  • Receiving monies and keeping a continuous and complete record of the finances of the IWCPR. 
  • Preparing and presenting an updated Treasurer’s report at each Board Meeting and at any other time requested by the President. 
  • Paying all bills in a timely manner as budgeted and authorized by the Board. 
  • Keeping records of transactions for two (2) years. 
  • Ascertaining that all supplier invoices are stamped, dated, and approved prior to payment and that documentation is obtained confirming receipt. 
  • Ensuring all paid members obtain a receipt for their membership fees and recording their payments in the membership database. 
  • Collecting payments from members at monthly luncheons and settling the bill with the restaurant. 
  • Preparing and submitting a semi-annual financial report to be published on the Club’s website in the member-only area (December and June) and to be included in the Club’s annual report.


Social Coordinator 

  • Welcoming newcomers to the IWCPR by arranging informal social activities for the Club with prior Board discussion and approval, for example weekly coffee hour, soirées, dinners, or happy hours. 
  • Organizing Monthly Luncheons/General Membership Meetings, including coordinating room arrangements, menu selection with restaurant, scheduling speakers/programs, sending meeting announcements to members at least one week prior to meeting, tracking member menu reservations and placing order with restaurant. 
  • Preparing all social activities information and providing to the Webmaster for the activities calendar on an ongoing basis. 



Events Coordinator 

  • Coordinating group leaders of special interest groups, for example French conversation hour, hiking group, film club, book club, crafts group, cooking classes, knitting group, mothers & children group, tennis group. 
  • Arranging necessary details for special member outings and trips that may also include spouses/guests of members. 
  • Communicating special events to IWCPR members and coordinating member sign-up and participation in events. 
  • Preparing all event information and providing to the Webmaster for the Activities Calendar on an ongoing basis.



  • Coordinating with the Board members so that information sent to members is clear, concise, and correct. 
  • Working to provide publicity for the Club on the IWCPR website. 
  • Maintaining the website, including adding, deleting, and updating files, photos, databases, newsletters, and the membership list, posting messages and deleting old messages from the website, listing events on the website calendar, setting up and editing moderator access to the website. 
  • Conducting web training for all members as needed.
    Term for board members is Summer 2018-Summer 2019

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