Welcome to Kosovo

Living in Pristina continues to be an incredible living and learning experience. There is quite a bit on offer in Kosovo’s capital city, such as the mystery of Ulpiana, the ancient Roman city only 10% excavated outside of Pristina, the nearby Gracanica monastery, the bustling Green Market downtown filled with authentic Balkan energy, the serene pedestrian street Nene Tereza, the ballet at the National Theatre, music and film festivals, professional basketball at the sports palace, and hiking in the lush green expanses of Germia Park.

Kosovo itself is a relatively unexplored gem of natural beauty and a unique blending of culture. There remain some lovely buildings dotted around the country, in the distinct Austro-Hungarian style, such as the National Museum in Pristina. The city of Prizren, although it has a distinctly Western European feel, embodies the architecture of the Ottoman Empire. Other places worth visiting include the Decani monastery, the town of Gjakova, the ruins of Novo Brdo, the caves at Gadime, the natural beauty of the Rugova gorge and the mountains around Brod, where you can find a peaceful respite from urban life, and so much more.

There are challenging aspects to living in Pristina (the chaotic drivers to name one!), but finding something to do and people to do it with are not one of them. The international community in Pristina is quite large and very well connected.

We hope to hear from you when you arrive in Pristina, and look forward to you becoming a part of our extensive group of friends of all nationalities.

If you are a newcomer, before you arrive, here is some information to help you get a better feel for your new host country.

1.      Prishtina Insight – a local English language newspaper filled with local information. You can arrange to have this newspaper sent to you as a pdf file by visiting their website.
2.     Greenpages – a list compiled by a local NGO, The Ideas Partnership, to help residents of Kosovo be more “green.”
3.     Kosovo Hiking Guide – A great hiking guide around Brod, compiled by the UN
4.     USAID and National Geographic Magazine – Open this first and see what is on offer in the Western Balkans. An indispensable resource.
5.     Kosovo a Diamond in the rough– Edited by KIESA (the governemental agency for investment and development, this beautiful book will show you some of the secret treasures of the country!
6.     FlyInn Magazine – Free magazine available at the airport where you can find a lot of informations about the country, and places to have fun.

You may also find the progressive, cutting edge magazine Kosovo 2.0 of interest. Visit their website to download the current and past issues – visit website.

A couple books you might be interested in picking up include:

1. The Bradt Guide to Kosovo, an indispensable travel guide about everything your can do in Kosovo. You can find it here.
2. Travels in Blood and Honey, a superb narrative memoir about one woman’s experiences living in Kosovo. Filled with incredible insight into the people, culture, and society. The author still lives in Pristina and is the head of the NGO, The Ideas Partnership. You can find it here.
3. The Petit Futé Kosovo, an indispensable travel guide written in french by one of our members about everything your can discover in Kosovo. You can find it here.

All of this should get you started. We look forward to seeing you when you arrive! Welcome to Kosovo!

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